Dr. Abdullah Alattas holds a BSc in Statistics from king Abdulaziz University (KAU), MSc in Geostatistics and PhD in Economics from University of Leeds. He worked for the Saudi Geological Survey (SGS) as Assistant President for Survey & Exploration. He managed and executed the ground, geophysics and geochemist survey of Saudi Arabia. During his tenure with SGS, he supervised feasibility and prefeasibility studies for mineral industries, reserves and grade-tonnage curves for gold deposits and managed and executed exploration project for both the private sector and SGS. With a diverse educational and professional back ground, Dr. Abdullah Alattas has over 30 years of experience in mining and mineral exploration, research and development and project management. After resigning from SGS, he established a consulting business as a geological advisor in geological survey and exploration. Dr. Alattas is a cofounder and board member of Rakizah Mining Co.

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